A Bad First Impression: RISC OS Cloverleaf (Edited)

*Edited on 08/12/2020 On August sixth I received an email from RISC OS Cloverleaf's mailing list detailing their plans to release a demo outlining the work they've done for RISC OS. I was quite excited to see it. What I ended up suffering through though, was far below expectations.

Let me start by saying, I know the Cloverleaf team is very small, with just a handful of members. I understand the pressure put on a small team as librefree.me is ran only by myself. However, my blog is funded on a lack of donations (though if you're feeling generous), not the hope to sell you a product costing hundreds of dollars. This company wants to modernize an 80's OS, no small task, mind you. Yet can't manage a YouTube video.

The nearly 20 minute long video starts off right away with a low quality robotic female voice. Something akin to those cheap top 10 videos you can find on YouTube. For a company with ambitions as big as Cloverleaf, I really expected more from them. You can read my post What is RISC OS Cloverleaf, and why you might care, here for more info.

The quality of that video is not lost on their fans either. Just look at how the video is doing.

The Brightside

Cloverleaf is aware of their mistake and plans on fixing it. With plenty of time before their Kickstart release, their video can be redone and hopefully bring in more users. Until that time, I believe they should remove the current demo, and move past this little blunder.

You can view the old video here:

The Update (8/12/20)

New Video:

The new video from RISC OS Cloverleaf pretty much clears up every issue I had with their prior video. I'm so glad they brought in YouTuber WiFi Sheep (a great channel btw) to do the narration. Here's to the continued success of RISC OS Cloverleaf.