AweSIM, Purism's New Unlimited Mobile Data Plan for the Privacy Focused

In a blog post earlier today, Purism announced their new MVNO, unlimited privacy-centric mobile service plan. At a whopping $99.00 a month, the plan offers you unlimited data, unlimited talk and text, and enhanced privacy. Purism registers your new number(no option to port your own number has been announced yet) under their name instead of your own. This helps to mask your activity, but doesn't make you impervious to tracking. Cellular providers can still triangulate a particular phone’s location as it connects to their cell towers.

The goal of this new project is to give the Librem 5 a mobile network that it's guaranteed to work with, right out of the box. How can you sign up? Well in Purism's own words.

Check out their new product page for the service here, for additional information.


The service isn't for me, even if I wanted it to be. I don't own a Librem 5, I haven't pre-ordered one and the service is just too expensive for me. If Purism wanted to send a phone and the service to us, we'd be more than happy to test it out and review it. However, if you read my recent blog post I Want a Linux Dumbphone! you know that I simply couldn't main the device. I currently use an old BlackBerry phone and use it through Mint Mobile because of how affordable it is.

Even for those who are privacy focused, it's still a hefty $1,200.00 a year for service(not including fees and taxes). That's a lot of dough!

For those who can afford the service, I'm sure it will be great knowing you are mitigating the amount of information that your mobile providers is getting from you. For the rest of us, at least there are services like JMP.