Cloverleaf's Kickstarter Campaign is Officially Live!

Back in July we posted Why You Should Keep Your Eyes on RISC OS going into 2021 and it has been our most popular post with over 340 views. In that blog post, we mentioned that Cloverleaf was working on releasing a Kickstarter campaign to push RISC OS into the future with much needed improvements. In the following timeline you can see what Cloverleaf has in mind for the future of RISC OS.

With RISC OS being the first operating system built for the ARM architecture, this campaign comes at a very interesting time. Apple recently launched their own line of ARM based Macs running what they call Apple Silicone, or the M1 chip. Qualcomm has been working on launching their own ARM based chip the X1 for Windows desktops and laptops everywhere. The Raspberry Pi continues to be very popular running different Linux distributions and other niche operating systems. is even run on an overclocked Raspberry Pi 4 4GB model. ARM is proving to be the way of the future and if RISC OS is to become a star player in that future, Cloverleaf needs your support. For 48 hours only you can get your hands on the Puma Desktop or 14” Laptop for a special discount(now ended). You can view their Kickstarter campaign here. Best of luck to you Cloverleaf.

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