Creator Spotlight: Linux Lounge

Linux Lounge is a British YouTube channel that focuses on Linux distributions and open source software. Surpassing 1,000 subscribers in July of 2020, the channel boasts large community engagement and quality content. As one of my favorite content creators on LBRY/YouTube I was very happy to have them stop by for a short interview, thank you Linux Lounge.

I see you started YouTube back in 2016, what inspired you to start creating videos for the platform?

My inspiration for starting my channel was really just that I was passionate about Linux and wanted to share that passion with people. I'd also been creating videos for a while at that point so it seemed natural to start making videos about Linux. Also, at the time I was watching channels like Spatry's Cup of Linux and such and there was an element of wanting to be like my idols given my young age. It's my hope that I and other Linux YouTubers can inspire other young people to do the same in turn.

Where do you hope to see your channel at in the next few years? How do you think it will evolve and change with time?

As for where I see my channel in the next few years? Honestly I'm not sure, time will tell I guess. I expect that I'll keep doing this into the future assuming I continue to have the time to do so. I can see the channel continuing to get bigger, and I don't expect there will be a point where it stops growing since the Linux community itself is constantly growing. I can see my content changing and getting better in the future too, as a part of natural progression and as I continue to get better at what I'm doing. I will say though I don't expect to be a huge YouTuber any time soon, and in many ways I'd prefer that. I think my content will always be niche and I want to continue to cover the things I find personally interesting, with little worry about views and the like. However, I would definitely like to start reaching out to the wider community, maybe some larger creators, and look into collaborating!

What have been some of the biggest challenges you have faced in creating content for your channel? Also what have been some of the best experiences you've had on YouTube?

I can't really say that I've had any challenges around this channel, I think think when you enjoy something as much as I enjoy YouTube you don't really see things as challenges per say. As for the best parts of being a YouTuber? It's definitely interacting with the community and having people like and comment on your content, letting you know what they thought. Growing as a creator and making your content better and better, is very rewarding too. Looking at where I was 5 years ago vs where I am now is just incredible.

Do you believe open source advocates should be moving away from YouTube, and hosting on more open video hosting platforms, or is YouTube vital to the community?

I think we need a mixture of both, the end goal for open source advocates should be moving away from YouTube, and of course we should all mirror our videos away from YouTube. However, there's also the issue of discover-ability. In order for people to discover us, we need to be where they can find us, and right now that's (sadly) YouTube.

For anyone interested in creating content for the web, what words of advice can you give to them?

The best advice I can give is to love what you do, if you love what you do people will be able to tell and they’re more likely to stick around if it’s clear you’re enjoying yourself when you make what you make.

For those interested in your work, where can they follow you online?

I’m sort of all over the place these days, you can find my channel, Linux Lounge, on YouTube, LBRY and PeerTube. I also have a Patreon where I post an audio version of my show, as well as a Mastodon account where I post channel updates and that sort of thing.

Creator Spotlight is a segment where we highlight up and coming, open source focused, content creators. It was an honor to feature Linux Lounge as our first guest and we hope to interview them again in the future. As you can tell from the interview, Linux Lounge's YouTube channel is a labor of love and that really does come through in their videos. If you wish to learn more about Linux Lounge, you can follow them on Mastodon at: Thank you for stopping by.