I Lied! PureOS Is My New Home!

In my last blog post I mentioned that I was done distro-hopping. Well, as you can see from the title of this post, I lied. I must confess I really wanted my distro-hopping days to be done. However, as a self proclaimed audio enthusiast, I need my OS to work with my external DAC and amplifier. After numerous attempts, GhostBSD would still not recognize my audio gear. So, it had to go. And in its place? Well, let's take a look at that now.

Pure OS

PureOS has long been one of my favorite operating systems, if not my favorite. I've noticed that after my bouts of distro-hopping, I inevitably end up back here. It's Debian based, uses Gnome as the desktop environment, and includes a lot of their stock applications. It also includes Gnome tweaks out of the box, an amazing inclusion.

So what about PureOS brings me back every time? And if I love it so much, why do I leave it? Why am I asking myself questions on my own blog? Is this real life?...Ahem, moving on.

PureOS is minimal, through and through. You get no bloat. It doesn't take much to add a dock to make things really user friendly. PureOS comes with a small curated list of free and privacy respecting apps that you can feel good using. In fact, the philosophy behind the OS is all about user privacy and freedom. Who doesn't love that?

What's driven me away from Pure OS in the past though, is the lack of gaming. I'm sure I could manage to get GOG Galaxy installed(not easily), but I would ideally love that it just worked out of the box.

Something odd I noticed is Purism made a big deal in a blog post(I can't find it now, but if I do, I'll link it here) about the Pure Browser. Really, it was just Gnome Web aka Epiphany, with some privacy extensions added on. However, once you update the OS the first time, you'll notice it's been replaced by Firefox ESR. Now, Firefox is leagues better than Pure Browser, by far, it's just odd though that they built up the Pure Browser so much, just to replace it like that.

There's an issue in Firefox with my set up, that when the screen goes to sleep, everything in Firefox shifts to the right. I need to close the app and reopen it for everything to display correctly. It's a little bit annoying.look below

Despite some rough edges, PureOS has been great for me as a creator. On Purism's website they make tutorial blog posts about how to use different software for creating videos, music, etc. It's really informational and a great resource for anyone looking to up their creative game.

PureOS offers a lot, it's easy to use, not cluttered, not bloated, it respects your freedom, and privacy. It's the OS that runs on their Librem 14 and 15 laptops as well as their Librem 5 smartphone(all of which we would love to get our hands on, @Todd Weaver, please feel free to send a review unit).

While I may inevitably end up going on another distro-hopping binge at some point(hey, it happens to the best of us), I'm sure to return home eventually.

If you'd like to check out PureOS, you can download it here: https://pureos.net/ If you would like to see librefree.me review any Librem products in the future, let us know and feel free to let Purism know as well: –> https://social.librem.one/@purism <– Hey, how did that get there?!