I'm Done Distro-Hopping!

For the time being anyways...

My pursuit of the best Linux distribution, for me, has come to an end. What I ended up settling on though isn't actually Linux based. So what is it?


GhostBSD, based on FreeBSD, is my current distro of choice. It does everything I need it to and doesn't get in the way. It's simple, elegant, and easy to use.

Because it doesn't run on Linux you also avoid some of the Linux headaches. No need to worry about Systemd, being based off of Ubuntu or being a Manjaro distro that will eventually break over time. All things I either take issue with, or have had happen to me.

GhostBSD comes in two main flavors, Mate(the stock desktop environment) and XFCE(the one I use). For new users, I recommend using XFCE. It's easier to come to grips with, and in my opinion not only looks better, but gives you access to more screen real estate.

If you've used any Linux distribution before, this should be quite easy to come to grips with, and not take much time to set up. Where you may run into issues is using the terminal as commands and file structures differ from Linux. If you use a 4K monitor, the distribution doesn't support 4K out of the box at this time. You'll need to tinker around to get things scaled correctly. 21:9 monitors however, works just fine.

I'm not here to try to sell you on using GhostBSD, but it really doesn't feel much different than using any Linux distribution, and offers a great out of the box experience. If you've never given BSD a try, check out GhostBSD's website and give the OS a try.

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