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Pine64, creators of the vastly popular Pinephone and Pinebook Pro, have opened up about a potential keyboard and game-pad controller attachment that connect via the pogo pins on the back of the Pinephone. While they will be receiving mock-ups from commissioned vendors, you too can play along.


SBC’s or single-board computers, exploded in popularity with the release of the original Raspberry Pi, back in 2012. One of the first available operating systems for the platform was RISC OS. Like many, I installed the OS, gave it a whirl, and quickly deleted it for something more usable. Little did I know, I would return to this OS years later and develop an appreciation for what it has to offer. While I wouldn’t recommend this OS to most, there are some projects in the work that promise to bring the OS kicking and screaming in to the modern era.


Welcome to, my name is Braillynn and I'm happy to meet you. I've been a part of the open source community going on 5 years now ever since a Raspberry Pi 2 sunk its hooks into me. I've been hooked ever since (you can let go now!..). I've learned a lot these last 5 years, but I still have much to learn. Here on I review products, write opinion pieces and make announcements regarding all things open source. Join me along for the ride, I know we'll enjoy it. #OpenSource #Welcome #ProductReviews

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