Pine64 Invites You to Play Along

Pine64, creators of the vastly popular Pinephone and Pinebook Pro, have opened up about a potential keyboard and game-pad controller attachment that connect via the pogo pins on the back of the Pinephone. While they will be receiving mock-ups from commissioned vendors, you too can play along.

Pine64 has opened up the future of the attachments to the public by allowing you to submit your own ideas. The requirements are that it has to have a sensible mechanical and electrical design, and cannot be a plagiarized copy of an existing device. Keep in mind, there is no financial reward for the winning design. Instead, the winning design will be credited to the creator and posted on the site's Wiki. If this sounds interesting to you, Pine64 invites you to submit your own design on their forum here. Good luck!

As a former BlackBerry user, I can't tell you how much I miss having a physical keyboard on a phone. My favorite phone of all time is the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition. I wish Pine64 all the best in bringing these products to market. You have a guaranteed sale in me!

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