RISC OS Cloverleaf's Kickstarter is in Trouble

RISC OS Cloverleaf’s goal to modernize RISC OS Open may be just a pipe dream at this point in time. Having a strong first 48 hours, the momentum for the project has come to a screeching halt from their November eighteenth start date. With only thirty days left, and less than half of the needed funds pledged, the project looks to be in hot water. In a post Covid world, the large asking price of some of the pledges isn’t doing Cloverleaf any favors either.

For those interested in supporting the future developments of RISC OS Open and looking to spend less money, while also getting a product now. There is still an option in R-Comp’s 4té, a 250 Pounds sterling, RISC OS Open based single board computer with a whole host of extras you can read about here