Ubuntu Web Remix, the promise of a true Linux based, Chrome OS alternative

I feel no shame in admitting that I’m a huge Chrome OS fan. So much so in fact, I was subscribed to websites like Chrome Unboxed and others just like it. As a minimalist, Chrome OS met my needs beautifully. Web based applications with just enough features to make the experience effortless for my productivity needs. The only issue with it, was Google.

By now, no one should be surprised that Google is a data collecting juggernaut. This is why I’m so excited for Ubutnu Web Remix. Ubuntu Web is being brought to the masses by the same team that brought us the amazing Ubuntu Unity Remix. Their new project Ubuntu Web, is poised to to be a Chrome OS alternative with Firefox as the main interface/browser.

Now I know Firefox hasn’t always been perfect, but it’s a lot better in terms of privacy and user freedom than Google could ever hope to be. “Chrome OS uses the Linux kernel you cry!” While that may be true, Chrome OS is to Linux as Mac OS is to BSD, enough said there really.

Chrome OS doesn’t need much in terms of hardware specs to run, and I feel the same should be true of this new OS. This will be great for lower powered laptops and even old/outdated PC’s. Where there will be differences however, is Firefox does not have a suite of online applications.

One way I think Ubuntu Web Remix can overcome this is by having users create or log in to their Nextcloud account for those services. The beauty is that you have choice. The OS is still Linux underneath and so you have the advantage of keeping things stored locally. Libre Office for writing documents, Thunderbird or Geary for email, the list really does go on.

While I still hold to the claim that there are too many Linux distributions, I am in full support of this project and wish them the best. For more information you can follow their Twitter page here: https://twitter.com/ubunweb for the latest updates.