What is RISC OS Cloverleaf, and why you might care

Last month, I did a post titled Why You Should Keep Your Eyes on RISC OS Going Into 2021, which you can read here. It ended up being our most popular post to date. In that post I mentioned that there are some projects in the work that promise to bring the OS kicking and screaming in to the modern era. One of those projects is one I’m really excited for. It’s RISC OS Cloverleaf, and they've got some pretty ambitious goals in mind for the future of RISC OS Open.

In that previous post, I mentioned that RISC OS recently became open source, but that it’s hardware specs were decided on some thirty years ago. Because of that, the OS has missed out on a lot of features that modern computing now enjoys. This is where RISC OS Cloverleaf comes in. On their website they’ve outlined everything they hope to accomplish with this new project. You can see those goals in the picture below.

So what is the Cloverleaf in RISC OS Cloverleaf? Well I wondered that too, until a video on their Facebook account cleared that up for me.

Cloverleaf is the name of the hardware that RISC OS Cloverleaf plans to sell through their future Kickstarter campaign. This ends up being a win-win for the community as, you’ll in theory, get a piece of hardware that is supported by ROC, but also have funds go back into enhancing the operating system it’s running.

If you want more information on the RISC OS Cloverleaf project and their proposed hardware offerings, you can view and follow them on their website here. Best of luck to you Cloverleaf!