Why We Preordered the Mudita Pure, and Why You Might Want To as Well

It's 2020, right? I know that's the argument some people may make when trying to sell them on the thought of buying a non smartphone. It's true though, it is 2020! We live in a hyper connected world where privacy and security threats abound. So what can a non smartphone, by a new company, really offer you in 2020? More than you would think.

Mudita the company behind Pure(the feature phone), was founded by Michał Kiciński, co-founder of CD Projekt. Responsible for GOG(Good Old Games), The Witcher series of video games and now Cyber Punk 2077. Interesting roots for a company who now sells a feature phone. Mudita's catalogue of products consist of the aforementioned high end feature phone(Mudita Pure), an alarm clock(Mudita Bell), a ventilator(Breath) and a possible smartphone in the future running their own os(more on that in a bit). They also produced an album for the artist Nick Lewis titled Half Way To The Beginning.

So what does the Mudita Pure offer someone in 2020 that a smartphone won't? Well, I'm glad you asked because these are the features that made me purchase this device(to be released sometime this autumn/fall).

The Features

The feature phone known a Pure has a unique set of features which Mudita lists on their website here. Some of those features include a 2.84 inch E-ink display at 600x480 resolution. This is larger and higher resolution display than other feature phones you'll find on the market. E-ink is also very easy on the eyes, and the included front light doesn't emit as much blue light as other phones, for easier sleeping. There is a Harman loud speaker(think Harman Kardon) included for great quality audio. A headphone jack(Tim Cook rolls eyes) for listening to music.

Speaking of music, custom ringtones and notification sounds were created by musician Nick Lewis specifically for the Pure. The big highlight feature in my opinion though, is the global coverage on CDMA and GSM networks. The mobile modem includes a patented antenna that puts out much less radiation than competing smartphones on the market.

The company has also created a dedicated desktop application for Windows, Mac OS and GNU + Linux that interfaces with the phone. The application gives you access to digitally signed updates, the ability to type longer messages and add music. You can also back up messages, calls, contacts, calendar updates and more. View the video below to see all the features.

My Experience

In my last blog post, I Want a Linux Dumbphone I mentioned that I, along with many others, have a smartphone addiction. I don't get as much sleep at night because I'm kept up, watching YouTube video after YouTube video. My smartphone distracts me at work, it distracts me during conversations, and it has all but destroyed my attention span. I've attempted to limit my smartphone usage, but to no avail. I'm not the only person experiencing these issues either. This is a global issue.

Who Might This Phone Appeal Too?

For anyone looking for more time in the day, moving to a dumb phone may just give you what you're looking for. You'd be surprised how much time we all dump into our smartphones doing things that really aren't all that beneficial. The Mudita Pure uses a monochromatic E-ink display, which serves to make the phone less appealing to the senses. Try putting your phone in grayscale mode, you'll find you spend less time on the phone scrolling through social media(though it's really nice for reading articles).

To those who are worried about security and privacy. The phone runs a simple operating system called Mudita OS. The OS is built on top of the real-time operating system kernel FreeRTOS®️. There is no WiFi on this device, and the OS is not tracking everything you do. Even if it did, it doesn't have the type of sensors that Android and iOS phones do. So tracking is a lot less efficient.

With no web browser, your search history is non existent(on the device, that is). This phone also includes digitally signed updates(done through the desktop app) to ensure the code has not been tampered or altered in any way. There's even talks Mudita may open source the operating system in the future.

For those who are more conscious about their health, you may also find this phone appealing. The E-ink display doesn't use a backlight to display its images. This means that you can avoid blue light being shined directly into your eyes. Even when the frontlight does enage, Mudita has ensured the lighting emits less blue light than your typical smartphone.

The low SAR(Specific Absorption Rate) aka the amount of radiation you are absorbing from your phone, is much much lower with the Pure than the smartphone you're probably reading this on.

The phone includes calming music for its alarms to gently wake you up and other subtle tones to alert you to messages and incoming calls.

Mudita Pure includes a meditation timer. There are countless articles out on the web about the benefits of meditation. While this may not appeal to everyone, it gives us a sense of what Mudita is all about. If you're curious what inspired the companies' birth, check out the video below.

Pure will not appeal to most, and I understand that. I run a tech blog, you'd expect me to have the latest and greatest tech. Yet, for all the reasons listed above, this will be my next phone. In our complicated, busy and stressful lives, maybe having simpler tech isn't such a bad idea.

librefree.me is not sponsored by Mudita, all opinions shared are my own